Create meaningful interactions with customers, increase sales and meet your targets with insights on the fly.

Sales is a tough nut to crack and only the ones passionate about selling can embrace it as a career. Even if you love it now, you have to agree that it was not your first career choice or frankly the second choice. Let’s agree, nobody dreams of having a career in sales, right? But you must be glad you fell into it.

Talking about sales in present times, it is not how it used to be. Data analytics plays an increasingly important role in sales, and you don’t need to search hard to find long paragraphs on the power of data in sales.

Every organization is striving to take its sales to a new level to differentiate itself from the also-rans. Talking about the CPG industry, it is perhaps the one struggling the most with lack of actionable data at the hands of frontline salespeople.

Many salespersons believe that one can sell by telling customers what they want to hear, and it is right. Most customers want to be able to rely on the sales guy so they can plan and implement. But how do a salesperson know what his customers want before they do?

This is where data plays a crucial role. It lets one know the customer’s behavior, gives a more definite customer profile, and provides an in-depth look into the customer journey. By understanding the customers better, one can initiate meaningful customer interactions, enhance the customer’s experience, strengthen customer relationships and ultimately, derive sales.

However, a lack of fresh data is the core of sales problems. But, there is a solution. Want to know more? Continue reading.


Shawn, VP of Sales at a leading FMCG company was bugged with the loss in business opportunities due to a series of data challenges – lack of availability and access to data critical to closing a sale. He desperately wanted to maximize meaningful customer interactions, develop relationships, and derive sales.

Though a lot of customer data existed with his organization, the struggle was to make the best catch of insights out of the vast data lakes. Really! The quest for the right data and insights was never-ending. His team of salespeople was often annoyed and demotivated.


Shawn was searching for an analytics solution that could solve his problems. He did a comprehensive search, evaluated various analytics solutions, and selected Beagle as it delivers the right insights at the right time, and anyone can access it at any time.


  • Access to actionable data anytime and anywhere – even during meetings or customer interactions
  • Ability to dig deeper into the data and pull bite-size insights
  • Scheduled tracking

Delivering personalized insights each time