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You must agree, HR is the easiest job in the corporate world? You must be good at artwork? Your days at work must be so relaxed? Gosh! Sounds vexatious. Every HR has heard these lines in their professional career at least once.

But the truth is that the job of HR is one of the toughest jobs because one is required to keep a record of various internal and external functions. And then comes the HR head.

The struggle is real – from coordinating with different stakeholders for recruitment to meeting the targets– there is so much an HR head goes through which, ultimately, results in long decision-making cycles.

Let us understand it with a user story.


Christie, HR head of a leading FMCG company, led a team of 4 recruiters which hired almost 40 employees every quarter. It required her team to be quite efficient during the entire recruitment cycle.

However, there was a problem. Her team was also bogged down with a set of reports frequently asked by Hiring Managers. These reporting needs ate up a lot of bandwidth of her team and she feared it might affect her deliverables. She was also concerned about her team’s motivation levels which might drop down if they spent a lot of time on secondary work.

She wanted to automate the entire recruitment process so that her team had ample time to focus on their core work – “hiring new employees”.


She wanted a BI tool that is easy to operate and
  • Her team could start using it with minimal training
  • Integrates into various data sources – candidate sourcing, interviews, offer roll-out, onboarding, etc.
  • Enables easy sharing of reports with Hiring Managers to ensure updates in real-time
Hence, Christie started using Beagle and could see the results within one month of implementation.


  • Shortened decision-making cycles
  • Saved a lot of time
  • Enhanced overall team productivity
  • Increase in process efficiency

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